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Free Stuff

Who wants FREE Stuff?

Traveling can be expensive enough, that’s why we love to give away as much FREE stuff as we can at CentrePoint Apartments!.

We’re not one of those guest house in Singapore where you have to pay extra for every additional service we offer.

At Lucky Plaza Apartment, apart from laundry, everything is included in the price of your stay we’ll even give you lots of extra’s for FREE:


bed linen lucky plaza All the beds in our rooms and apartments are made for you with pillows, a comfy doona (duvet) and fresh sheets.


towels As a lot of our guests leave their towels with us after their trip, so we decided to save the planet and re-use them! We’ve washed and dried them, we honored your request to use them again for FREE. *subjected to availability as sometimes some guest like to bring home as souvenirs 😉


Free mail service Whether you’ve applied for a Business File, or waiting for your hospital invoice to arrive, or expecting a birthday card or parcel from your friends and family, we at CentrePoint Apartments is happy to keep your mail for you.Don’t be shy but ask for parcels or older mail to our friendly staff. We keep mail as long as 2 months.If you haven’t received your mail by the time you leave us, we can help you forward your mail.If you need international mail or parcels forwarded, please contact us so we can get a quote at the post office for you.


Other free stuff

If needed, you can ask reception for things such as: a hairdryer, an iron, adapters, tools, scissors, tape, pens & paper, travel guides, headphones, etc.
You name it, we probably got it!