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Your parents will be happy to hear that in CentrePoint Apartments, we have a kitchen available for you. And unlike some hostels or Hotels in Singapore, everything in our kitchen can be used for FREE.

There is place for you to store your food in one of our big fridges and dry foods can be stored on your own boxed shelf.

Healthy Guest House

happy guest Once you’ve made yourself a couple of friends in the Apartment, why not have some fun preparing instant food together? as for sharing apartment only light cooking are acceptable e.g. microwaveable items. We are within walking distance of a CentrePoint Shopping Mall Cold Storage. Please mark your bags with your name, room number and check-out date, so our cleaners can keep the fridges and shelves clean and organized. Non-labelled or marked bags will be thrown out during our spring cleaning every day.

Kitchen Opening Hours

kitchen opening hours The kitchen is open from 6:00 in the morning to 12 o’clock at night (last cooking at 11:30pm) and is cleaned a couple times a day for your convenience.Please help us keep the kitchen clean by washing and drying your own plates, cups and cutlery. Thank you!