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Terms and Conditions

The Contract

The Parties agree and declare that:

  1. the Contract shall be formed if and when the Customer accesses and uses the Website using the Authentication Method provided by centrepoint.net, and by such access and use the Customer shall be deemed to have agreed to be legally bound by these terms and conditions;
  2. each Party’s access and use of the Website shall be upon the terms and conditions of the Contract, which terms and conditions may be amended by centrepoint.net from time to time

Access and Use of Portal

  1. Security
    1. The Customer shall be solely responsible for protecting the confidentially of the Login ID, password, digital signature and/or other Authentication Method which may be provided to the Customer for access of the Portal, and shall not share these with, or transfer them to any third parties and shall immediately notify centrepoint.net of any unauthorized use of the same.
    2. Any use and access to the Portal using the Authentication Method provided to the Customer, shall be deemed to be used and accessed by or on behalf of the Customer, and the Customer shall be fully responsible in respect of any such use and access.
  2. Integrity and Security of Portal
    1. centrepoint.net shall be entitled at any time to deactivate or revoke any password, and/or Login IDs issued to the Customer, without giving any reason.
    2. Any losses incurred or sustained by the Customer in transmitting Payment Information shall be borne solely and exclusively by the Customer and in no event shall any such losses in whole or in part be borne by centrepoint.net. If the Customer is using a public computer, the Customer shall ensure that he/she signs out from the Portal once he/she has completed his/her use of the Portal.
  3. Prices and Payment / Refund Policy
    1. The prices payable for each of the Goods shall be specified on the relevant Item Description Page.
    2. The Customer shall pay the respective Retailers for the Goods ordered using VISA or MasterCard, failing which the Customer’s order will not be processed by the Portal.
    3. If a Customer uses a promotion code which entitles him/her to a discount with a minimum spend condition within a transaction, he/she may request for a partial refund which will be processed as follows:
      1. If the net spend (after deducting the partial refund) is above the minimum spend stipulated for that particular promotion, the full value of the partial refund will be returned to the Customer;
      2. If the net spend falls below the minimum spend in such a case, the discount value will be deducted from the partial refund.
  4. Each transaction only allows one (1) promotion code to be used.

Representations and Warranties

  1. The Customer represents and warrants at all times that:
    1. all information given and to be given by the Customer to centrepoint.net through the Portal from time to time are true and accurate;
    2. any material, data or information submitted by the Customer through the Portal does not contain any electronic virus or other similar malicious electronic code; and
    3. the Customer’s use of the Portal does not and will not contravene any law, rule, regulation, judgment, decree, permit, authorization, policy or directive (in each case, whether or not having the force of law) which is binding on or otherwise applicable to the Customer or to which it is subject.

The Portal is provided on an ‘as is’ basis and centrepoint.net makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the Portal and disclaims all such representations and warranties. In addition, centrepoint.net makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, reliability, timeliness, non-infringement, title, or suitability for any purpose of all information and content made available on or through the Portal. Such information and content may contain factual or technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All liability of centrepoint.net howsoever arising for any such inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.


To Customer

  1. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein or under the Contract, any notice to be given by centrepoint.net to the Customer under these terms and conditions or the Contract shall only be deemed to have been served on the Customer if the notice is sent by:
    1. post to the address provided by the Customer in its application for the use of the Portal or such other latest address as may be specified in writing by the Customer to centrepoint.net;
    2. facsimile transmission to the facsimile number as may be specified in writing by the Customer to centrepoint.net from time to time; or
    3. email to the email address – provided by the Customer in its application for the use of the Portal or such other latest email address as may be specified in writing by the Customer to centrepoint.net.
  2. The Customer shall immediately notify centrepoint.net of any change in its correspondence address, facsimile number (if provided) and email address.
  3. Where these terms and conditions provide for centrepoint.net to notify the Customer by posting a notice on the Website:
    1. such posting on the Website shall constitute sufficient notice to the Customer; and
    2. such notice shall, unless otherwise specified by centrepoint.net, take effect from the time of posting on the Website.